B+E Southall

It can be a very big decision looking for the very best B + E car and trailer training you can find in Southall or indeed, anywhere else. You need to know the trainers can help you achieve whatever your goal may be. This includes learning how to tow a caravan for leisure purposes or taking an assessment for work purposes. You also need to know you’re getting real value for money, and dealing with people who know the business inside out The good news is you’re found what you’ve been looking for, because our reputation built over more than 40 years in second to none. When it comes to B + E car and trailer training in Southall, our highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors really are the best around. Very much people orientated, they can help you every step of the way to bettering your driving skills.

Any drivers who earned their driving licence before 1 January 1997 are still entitled to tow trailers until it’s expiry date. People who passed after this date however, are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category B+E, allowing them to tow caravans, trailers and even horse boxes.

The driving section of the test is carried out to the full LGV test standard. This means you’re all round general driving must be to the required standards throughout the course. It’s a fact many of those who do fail first time, do so because their day to day driving abilities have fallen below the required standard. But with top quality B + E car and trailer training in Essex, you’ll have excellent tools at your disposal in order to succeed.

Every part of our B + E car and trailer training takes into account modern methods and needs. Our tutors are experts on the roads and very highly qualified, so you know at every stage you’ll be in the safest hands. Their overall knowledge is invaluable, and can help you progress within your career, or simply become a more skilful driver.

Driving on our modern saturated roads can be stressful at times, but we also believe driving should generally be hugely enjoyable. Having the extra confidence our skilled training brings can make such a difference to your complete motoring experience. We provide full training, which includes the following:

An off-road reverse manoeuvre
Uncoupling and coupling of the trailer
Driving on the road.
Vehicle safety checks of the car and trailer

For us, driving should be an enjoyable experience, despite the problems we all encounter from time to time. But it can never be taken lightly, and this is where the expert knowledge of our tutors really does kick in. Safety is of paramount importance, and we always put the safety of our students first, when it comes to B + E car and trailer training for the Southall area. Why not give us a call today? PassU can help make you a better driver.