Bus and minibus training in Cricklewood

Are you looking for specialised driving training in the Cricklewood area? Perhaps you have a passion to teach and are looking to become a driving instructor yourself? PassU provide an exceptional service in Cricklewood that’ll allow you to do that as well as plenty other services, such as:

•Car and trailer training
This service provides you with the skills needed to drive a towing vehicle safely and efficiently. The vehicles included under the towing licence include caravans, catering trailers, horseboxes etc.

•Bus & Minibus training
Our bus training will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to pass the additional driving test that’ll gain you entitlement to category D.

•Driver CPC training
All new drivers must complete this course if they wish to drive legally. We provide professional help and advice, allowing you to pass, and keep your CPC up to date.

•Motorbike training
Since 2001, it has been compulsory to take a CBT to ride a motorbike. We will take you through your motorcycle training with patience as we understand that everyone learns at a different pace.

•Truck training
Since 1997, all drivers that wish to become qualified truck drivers are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category C. This will allow you to drive large vehicles.

•Theory training for all categories
No matter what vehicle you choose, we can help you with theory training. You don’t have to sweat at home – feeling alone anymore. Our highly professional team of qualified drivers will provide you with knowledge and advice so you can pass your theory with flying colours.

All of our highly qualified, friendly driving instructors speak several languages such as Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu to make as many of you comfortable as possible.

All of our company vehicles are in immaculate condition to ensure 100% safety and comfortability.

If you want to find out more about our services in Cricklewood, call today on 07534 974 847 or book your FREE first assessment with us.