Truck training in Hoxton

Learning to drive in Hoxton with our incredible team at PassU will open the door to countless opportunities. Our service is completely designed to each individual that joins on to one of our training courses in order to produce the most successful result possible when it comes to your driving test. Our aim is not only to help you pass but to equip you with the skills that you will keep for life.

There is not a road in Hoxton that you won’t be able to drive down after training with us at PassU.

If our courses are something you’d be interested in hearing more about, please read the short explanation of each below:

•Car and trailer training
This training course will provide you with the skills needed to pass your category B+E, allowing you to drive trailers and caravans.

•Bus & Minibus training
If you’re wanting to gain entitlement to your category D license, then you should surely seek the help of us at PassU in Hoxton; one of the most experienced driving schools in providing training for additional licenses.

•Driver CPC training
All bus and truck drivers must undergo 35 hours of CPC training, every 5 years to ensure that their driving knowledge is still up to scratch. When learning with PassU, we’ll equip you with knowledge you’ll keep with you forever.

•Motorbike training
You must undergo mandatory CBT in order to be able to drive a motorbike. Our PassU team in Hoxton will firstly provide you with an initial assessment that’ll help your instructor, and you identify what aspects of the training need the most work. #

•Truck training
To get your category C license in Hoxton, you have to undergo an additional driving test. This requires certain skills that you need to drive a truck. Our team are committed to teaching you all that’s needed to know that’ll help you pass your test and gain your category C license.

•Theory training for all categories
We can help you learn and revise the questions and answers needed for taking your theory test. Whether your vehicle of choice is a car, truck, bus, motorbike or so on – we would be honoured to share and pass on our knowledge to you.

All of our company vehicles are in immaculate condition to ensure 100% safety and comfortability.

If you want to find out more about our services in Hoxton, call today on 07534 974 847 or book your FREE first assessment with us.