Bus and minibus training in Hackney

Hackney, a town full of diversity, culture and plenty reasons for a need for speed (within the limit, of course). Having your own set of wheels and being able to drive them is a feeling like none other. It gives you complete freedom, something needed in a town full of hussle and bussle like Hackney.

PassU are honoured to be the driving school of choice for a large number of first time drivers looking to gain their license. We receive incredible feedback on our training courses, and are always looking for potential clients to help better their lives.

All of our experienced instructors speak several languages such as Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu to make as many of you comfortable as possible.

If you’re interested in using our services for your training of choice, we’ve written a few lines about each offered in Hackney.

•Car and trailer training
With our incredible team at PassU, you can learn to drive a towing vehicle in no time. Our course begins with a free assessment lesson that’ll give both the student and the instructor an idea of what further training is required.

•Driver CPC training
The driving CPC course requires all C and D category license holders to take part in a mandatory 35 hour training every 5 years.

•Motorbike training
In our motorbike course, we use the most up to date brands. Our team in Hackney guide you through the training needed to pass your CBT exam.

•Truck training
The idea of driving a truck may be intimidating, but we want to take away all hesitation and leave only excitement when helping you train for your category C and helping you become a truck driver in Hackney.

•Theory training for all categories
We provide theory training for car, motorbike, bus and truck courses. Your driver will sit with you and do their best to help you find revising your theory test fun and easy.

All of our company vehicles are in immaculate condition to ensure 100% safety and comfortability.

If you want to find out more about our services in Hackney, call today on 07534 974 847 or book your FREE first assessment with us.