B+E London

In terms of B + E car and trailer training in London, you’ll require a capital company with more experience than most others. You’ll find it at PassU, alongside the UK’s best instructors, and a driving ethos second to none. With B + E car and trailer training in London, it really doesn’t get much better, as we take our training very seriously indeed, and really do care about our students and what can be achieved.

We offer a friendly free assessment at the start of each B + E car and trailer training course for students in London, to ascertain the further training requirements needed to progress. This is where our superb instructors come into their own, so you can connect instantly with their abilities and totally professional approach.

People come to us for a number of reasons, either to learn how to tow a caravan safely, or to help further their working career. It really doesn’t matter what age you are, or what the reason is for seeking out our help. Every single student will get the very best in tuition and advice, in order to help them achieve their overall goals. In fact, you’ll find our packages an absolute joy, giving excellent value for money.

Our B + E car and trailer training tutors covering London, know all the local routes and all the problems students can face on today’s jam packed roads. But still believe, driving should be an enjoyable and very safe experience. That’s why people come back to us for extra tuition, as our reputation is second to none, honed over more than 40 excellent years.

The important thing to note is, the actual test is carried out to full LGV standards, and as such, we can prepare you fully for the big day.

Driving with confidence is what it’s all about, as safer drivers benefit everyone over the long term. We recognise the fact each individual needs to learn at their own pace and in comfortable surroundings, with the very best support. That’s what PassU are all about, when it comes to B + E car and trailer training in London.

Any drivers who earned their driving licence before 1 January 1997 are still entitled to tow trailers until it’s expiry date. People who passed after this date however, are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category B+E, allowing them to tow caravans, trailers and even horse boxes.

For us, driving should be an enjoyable experience, despite the problems we all encounter from time to time. But it can never be taken lightly, and this is where the expert knowledge of our tutors really does kick in. Safety is of paramount importance, and we always put the safety of our students first, when it comes to B + E car and trailer training for the London area. Why not give us a call today? PassU can help make you a better driver.