B+E Slough

You may want to take a special assessment or undergo further training for your promotion at work. Or indeed to help further your career, in terms of the way ahead. Alternatively B + E car and trailer training in Slough is something you’d like to use for leisure purposes. Here at PassU, we understand everyone has different needs, and as such we can sort a package to suit.

Those drivers who earned their driving licence before 1 January 1997 are still entitled to tow trailers until it’s expiry date. People who passed after this date are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category B+E, allowing them to tow caravans and trailers. In fact, many people come to us with the goal of furthering their career. But whatever, your overall aim may be, you’ll find exactly the same level of professionalism and help. This is very much the PassU way for B + E car and trailer training for the Slough area.

From the very first phone call we can arrange a student assessment to gauge just what type of training is required. What you need to work on, and how we can help make you a better highly skilled driver at a the best pace for you personally. This is why the reputation we have for B+ E car and trailer training for the Slough area is so high, as we leave nothing to chance.

PASS U has a small but excellent team of instructors who are very much people orientated, and know all about driver’s worries and concerns.

This means you get the very best attention to detail right the way through the course. We don’t just offer the finest B + E car and trailer training in Slough, but the very best advice too.

Driving on our modern saturated roads can be stressful at times, but we also believe driving should generally be hugely enjoyable. Having the extra confidence our skilled training brings can make such a difference to your complete motoring experience. We provide full training, which includes the following:

An off-road reverse manoeuvre
Uncoupling and coupling of the trailer
Driving on the road.
Vehicle safety checks of the car and trailer

In terms of B + E car and trailer training in Slough, you’ll require a capital company with more experience than most others. You’ll find it at PassU, alongside the UK’s best instructors, and a driving ethos second to none. With B + E car and trailer training in Slough, it really doesn’t get much better, as we take our training very seriously indeed, and really do care about our students and what can be achieved.

Don’t leave the quality of your driving to chance, and come to a company who really cares about its students. We give excellent value for money, but more importantly, the chance to become a much better driver? Call us today.