B+E Essex

Essex is known for many famous things with the very best in B + E car and trailer training being one of them. In fact, you’ve discovered the real experts in the field, and here at PassU we can pass on more than 40 years experience in a package to suit all types of drivers. For us, it’s about creating highly skilled drivers to help make the roads safer, also enabling clients to reach their chosen career goals.

From the very first phone call we can arrange a student assessment to gauge just what type of training is required. What you need to work on, and how we can help make you a better highly skilled driver at a the best pace for you personally. Remember? Those drivers who earned their driving licence before 1 January 1997 are still entitled to tow trailers until it’s expiry date. People who passed after this date are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category B+E, allowing them to tow caravans and trailers.

The roads in  are much busier these days, so the need for safer B + E car and trailer driving in Essex is paramount, and this is where our top qualified tutors come in. They know all about the pitfalls, and what it’s like to be a student encountering new situations on the roads. This is why each individual student is as important to us as the last. You’ll be made to feel confident with every aspect of your B + E car and trailer training in Essex, and get professional support every step of the way.

The driving section of the test is carried out to the full LGV test standard. This means you’re all round general driving must be to the required standards throughout the course. It’s a fact many of those who do fail first time, do so because their day to day driving abilities have fallen below the required standard. But with top quality B + E car and trailer training in Essex, you’ll have excellent tools at your disposal in order to succeed.
We like to ensure the whole experience with PassU is hugely enjoyable, in order to get the  absolute best out of our clients. Our instructors are friendly, understanding and  approachable for any advice you may want. This is why PassU  B + E car and trailer training in Essex has such a great reputation.

From caravans to recovery trailers, horse boxes to car and vehicle transporters, catering to luggage trailers, we have a quality package for you. It’s true to say B + E car and trailer training in Essex offers terrific value for money, but also delivers better all round driving for everyone’s benefit.

Why not pick up the phone today and see just how PassU can help?

There’s no obligation, and we enjoy working with students of all ages and from all walks of life