Trailer Driving Test London

Trailer towing can be a challenge, especially if you have to manoeuvre in tight spaces or reverse into busy shipping and receiving areas. To tow a trailer safely and in accordance with the current law, drivers must possess certain knowledge and skills and have undergone an approved training course to acquire both.

Pass U instructors will provide you with hands-on practical training to give you the ability and confidence to tow and manoeuvre trailers smoothly and easily.

Subjects Covered

We offer a comprehensive trailer towing course in London that covers the following important points:

  • Applicable towing laws
  • Vehicle and trailer safety checks: what to look for
  • Safe and proper coupling and uncoupling of the trailer
  • Driving on the road
  • Safe manoeuvring
  • Off-road reverse manoeuvring
  • Safe loading and nose weights
  • Snaking and instability control

The Pass U trailer towing training in London begins with a complimentary assessment that allows the instructor and the student to understand how much training is required. The course sessions are structured, but if you need to improve your skills in a particular area, such as reversing or instability control, these requirements can be emphasised in your training.

Trailer Towing Course London

Who can apply?

Our trailer test training in London is open to all trailer users, from complete towing novices to those who already have experience but want to strengthen abilities that they find particularly challenging.

All drivers who received their licence before January 1, 1997 remain entitled to tow a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8.25 tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) until their license expires. Those who passed after this date are limited to a vehicle and trailer combination of up to 3.5 tonnes MAM, as long as the trailer’s MAM does not exceed the towing vehicle’s unladen mass. For heavier trailer towing, they must pass an extra driving test to qualify for category B+E, which permits them to tow trailers and caravans.

Obtaining your B+E licence allows you to tow the following:

  • Caravans
  • Car and vehicle transporters
  • Construction trailers
  • Recovery trailers
  • Luggage trailers
  • Catering trailers
  • Horseboxes

What does the test consist of?

Pass U students train and take their trailer driving test in London under the guidance of fully qualified, multilingual instructors. All training vehicles and trailers are new and easy to handle, and our facility undergoes regular inspections to maintain a high, DSA (Driving Standards Agency) approved operation.

The course, which is generally taught on a one to one basis, includes both off-road and road-work training. The test itself requires students to correctly answer a series of questions on vehicle safety and perform practical exercises such as coupling and uncoupling the trailer and completing a reversing manoeuvre. There is also an on-road test that covers the various driving conditions that students can realistically encounter while towing a trailer.

If you want to tow a trailer confidently along roads and through junctions, manoeuvre safely, and reverse accurately, our course is for you. Contact us today to book your free assessment. Group sessions are available upon request.

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